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Oct 18, 2022

How to Extend the Life of your Eyelash Extensions

Lash Extension Care

Eyelash extensions are a popular, semi-permanent method to lengthen your eyelashes and make you feel glamorous! Lash extensions save you at least 15 minutes on your beauty routine and totally eliminate the need for extra mascara. You literally go to bed and wake up looking as sensational as you did the night before when you’ve got a fresh lash set.


If you take good care of your lash extensions, they may last up to two months.  Imagine that – only one hour at a lash studio can give you weeks’ worth of looking and feeling pretty!

Lash extensions are delicate, though, and need regular, frequent upkeep.  As eyelash experts, we’ve curated a list of excellent tips to help you extend the life of your luscious lash extensions between fill appointments!


Don’t Let Them Get Soaking Wet!


We get it. You shower daily, and in summer months you love to swim. But please, avoid excessive water (and humidity) at least the first 12 to 24 hours after lash application. You will leave the studio after your appointment with them cured and washed, but allow your lash adhesive to dry properly around your lash line.

Sorry, girls, you’re just going to have to say no to saunas and hot yoga classes.  At least for the first day or two.


Try Not to Crush Them in Your Sleep  


Sleeping with eyelash extensions is a lot like sleeping with hair rollers. You have to position yourself just so to avoid flattening the curl.  Likewise, if you sleep on your side or your belly, you risk crushing your lashes against your pillow.  Doing so can cause your lashes to kink, loosen, or fall off overnight. The result isn’t so pretty afterward. Flattening your lashes overnight leaves gaps between them and might actually bend the lashes in awkward positions.


Comb Regularly with a Lash Wand


You lash artist will almost always send you home with a new lash wand to keep in your purse or at home.  We want you to use your lash wand often.  Combing your lashes removes build-up from old makeup, skin cells, dust or dirt. Softly comb your lashes for about 5-10 seconds each to fluff them up, enhance their look, and keep them blinking their best!


Avoid Waterproof Mascara


Chances are your eyelash extensions are going to give you more than enough drama or definition that you will not need to mess with mascara.  Especially if you’ve opted for our Mega Volume lash fans! Our advice is to forgo applying mascara altogether, but if you must for a special occasion, choose our LashBox LA Bottom Line Mascara designed for use on the bottom lash line. Make sure you avoid waterproof mascaras, it is difficult to remove and adds additional strain on your delicate extensions.   


What is the Lifespan of Lash Extensions?


Generally speaking, there are three varieties of lash extensions: mink, silk, and synthetic. Each material has a lifespan of six to eight weeks. However, the duration of your eyelash extensions relies mostly on your natural lash-shedding cycle. Since your lashes are in various phases of their development cycle at any given time, the extensions may systematically fall out in tandem with your natural lash shed, leaving small gaps between lashes. On average, you’ll notice them thinning out the most in Week 3, so schedule your eyelash fills accordingly.


Do Lash Extensions Harm Natural Eyelashes?


Lash extensions should never harm your natural lashes.  Here are a few healthy habits to remember so that your natural lashes remain beautiful and healthy:


  • Avoid rubbing or pulling your lash extensions
  • Before picking an eyelash studio, do your research
  • Identify the proper adhesive that will not irritate your eyes or skin


Any woman who has had lash extensions knows just how gorgeous they can be!  It’s one of the most rewarding ways to instantly fall for your own reflection in the mirror.  If you’ve not had eyelash extensions before, you are missing out.  Contact Heart of Texas Lashes today to see how a new set of bold, uplifting lashes makes you feel!