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Feb 17, 2020

Lash Extension Maintenance Tips

Lash Extension Maintenance Tips

It took some time and some money to get your lash extensions, so you really want them to last. The best way to accomplish longer-lasting lash extensions is to take great care of them.

How do You Take Care of Eyelash Extensions?

The first 24-36 hours are most important. Lash extension adhesive can be quite sensitive to oils. For that reason, it is best to try not to touch them, especially in the first few hours. Keep any oils from your fingers or makeup away from your lashes for 36 hours. It is even important to consider what products you use prior to your lash appointment. Avoid waterproof mascara and oil-based eye shadows for 1 week prior to getting your lashes. It is also best to use a water-based foundation prior to and just after getting your lashes.

You must keep your new lashes dry for the first 24 hours to allow the glue to completely dry. This means avoiding pools, showers, spas, or saunas.

Can I Wash My Face Normally with Eyelash Extensions?

To clean your face and makeup, always use oil-free cleansers and eye makeup removers. Any oils could break down the adhesive. Eye makeup removers should state if they are oil-free on the label, but either way, always check the small print and the ingredients. When maintaining your lash extensions remember that you cannot rub your eye or lashes when washing your face. Clean around the eyes, but do not rub. If you want to clean your lashes, try Plumerian Tiny Bubbles Lash Shampoo, it has a PH balanced, oil-proof formula that easily removes residual makeup and oil build up along lash lines.

Can You Curl Eyelash Extensions?

You will not need an eyelash curler after you get your new lash extensions, but if you are tempted, know that an eyelash curler will damage your lashes.

Is it Okay to Use Mascara on Eyelash Extensions?

Easy answer – no. Mascara breaks down the bond between the synthetic and natural lash and is you use it, you will need to come in for fills more often. If you choose to wear mascara, apply only to the tips, using a water-based mascara product that washes easily.

Eyelash Extension Care

Your lash extensions will need brushing. Ask your eyelash professional to explain and demonstrate the proper way to comb your lashes daily.

Your lash extensions are basically hands-off. Do not ever pick at your lash extension or try to remove them yourself. You will lose your natural lashes as well. Damage can occur to your natural lashes when pulling on the extensions. Also, do not ever use strip artificial lashes on top of your lash extensions. Again, you will damage your lash extensions and natural lashes when you try to remove the strip lashes.

Although it may sound silly to some, do not get your face close to a heat producer like a toaster or a stove-top. They will singe or frazzle.

How Long do Lash Extensions Last?

If you want to keep the lush and long eye-lash look, you will need to make follow up appointments. How often you need follow-ups will depend on how quickly your lashes grow and how well you maintain and care for your lash extensions. Some customers go every two weeks, others go a month or even up to eight weeks.

The basic plan for eyelash extension maintenance is the less you mess with them, the better and longer they are going to stay. Stay away from oily makeup and cleansers. Treat your lash extensions with TLC so that they will stay will last as long as possible