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Aug 14, 2023

Why Heart of Texas Lashes is Weatherford’s Top Lash Studio

Heart of Texas Lashes in Weatherford Front Door

The lash artists and aestheticians at Heart of Texas Lashes in Weatherford, TX are known for certain values that we believe our customers need in order to have a sensational lash and skincare experience!  We’d like to tell you about our values, but not from our side of things. Rather, we want you to see what our customers say about the quality of our eyelash extensions and skin care to women just like you!

Our eyelash studio is  woman-owned and operated 🙌 by Kathleen Blecher, a seasoned lash artist with many, many years of lash experience! Heart of Texas Lashes has earned a sterling reputation for our friendly, welcoming atmosphere, passion for high-quality lash services, and a genuine care for our customers’ satisfaction.

We believe our job isn’t done unless you leave here feeling like the 👑princess 👑 that you are!


Eyelash Studio Cleanliness and Punctuality

We were absolutely horrified to learn of a customer who went to a different lash studio where the lash artist’s breath and fingers smelled like her last cigarette break. 🤢Ew, gross!

During an eyelash appointment, your lash artist sorta has to get up close and personal in order to make sure each lash fan adheres to one single, natural lash at a time.

This means your lash artist is within a foot of your face. That’s why we make sure everything is sanitized, from our tools to our fingers.

Courtney Odom praises our studio’s cleanliness, citing also Kathleen’s punctuality and professionalism, and the outstanding quality and value of the services.“Kathleen is the absolute best!!!” raves Courtney Odom, a devoted client for nearly 2 years. “I will never let anyone else touch my lashes. Even when I go in for a fill every 4 weeks, I am still getting compliments on how great my lashes look.”

“Very professional and clean environment as well as great customer service every time,” -Courtney Odom


Unparalleled Attention to Every Lash

Meticulous attention to detail sets Heart of Texas Lashes apart from other lash studios in Weatherford, TX.

“Kathleen is very detailed oriented and makes sure every lash is perfect,” writes Deanna Wright, who has enjoyed the salon’s services for years; noting that Kathleen’s talent with different lash techniques is very impressive.

Deanna adds “Kathleen uses the best products on the market as to help prevent lash breakage. I’ve gone to Heart of Texas Lashes for years and have never had an issue with my lashes. The top-notch products and Kathleen’s skill help lashes stay full and long-lasting.”


New to Weatherford?

It’s always tough to relocate. You have to find new doctors, new dentists, new hair stylists and of course, a new lash artist. 😉

For those new to Weatherford, TX or Parker County looking to find a great eyelash studio, Janette Kurban highly recommends Heart of Texas Lashes. “Small business women own and work here. Products they use are excellent and long lasting,” she writes.

“So glad I found them when moving to Weatherford area.” – Janette Kurban


Our Facial Treatments

In addition to eyelash extensions, Heart of Texas Lashes provides facials and skincare treatments to help clients look and feel their best.

Catchin Rays raves about the anti-aging benefits of Kathleen’s skincare offerings. “I am 47 and most people believe I look 35…..its the LASHES PEOPLE…..years younger. This is THE place to get into….awesome people, awesome shop, awesome customer service, awesome product. …….can I just add Farm House Fresh Oil is my go-to for skin products, and Heart of Texas Lashes has it.”

Cecilia Alrashed is also a big fan of the rejuvenating facials, writing, “I love how my skin feels after the facial, it’s the best!”

Cecilia goes on to say “I honestly don’t know where to begin, Kathleen is amazing, for many, many years I being getting my microdermabrasion facials with her and every time I go to my appointments, she treats me like family.

“I love how my skin feels after the facial, it’s the best! I definitely recommend this place!” 💗 We love that YOU love how your skin feels after a facial, Cecilia!  Thank you!


Strong Friendships Yield Loyal Customers

At the “heart” of Heart of Texas Lashes’ success is the warm, trusting relationships between staff and our clients. Our clients feel more like old friends stopping by for quality time than just mere customers here for routine lash fill.

“I have been going to Heart of Texas lashes for over 2 years now and I just can’t say enough about how wonderful this place is,” gushes Shelby. “They have created a welcoming, “hometown” atmosphere while still maintaining the utmost professionalism. They have a passion for their work and truly care about their customers. I will be a forever client!!!

Another customer, Michelle, explains “I have been getting my lashes done for years and have never been completely satisfied until I started using Kathleen. I have very difficult lashes!!! She has gone above and beyond to find the perfect lash for me!”

“She not only cares for you as a client but as a friend as well!” -Michelle

Awwww, we’re blushing over here😊


Why Trust Our Lash Studio?

With our emphasis on top-notch eyelash extensions, brow services, skincare treatment, and customer care, Heart of Texas Lashes has clearly won over the Weatherford community.

Makayla writes “I absolutely love Kathleen and her team.  They are the sweetest by far out of any business I’ve been to. They truly make you feel like family! If you don’t already get your lashes done please start and go here! Thank me later😏😉”

We’ll let our customer, Alesha, sum it up, “I have been going there almost 2 years and am still amazed by how they make me look and feel when I leave. Love these ladies and this place!”

For eyelash extensions, facials and more in a warm and welcoming environment, Heart of Texas Lashes is undoubtedly a gem. 🥳  Get started today by scheduling your next lash appointment now!