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Apr 11, 2023

Eyebrow Waxing vs Lamination or Henna Brows

Example of Henna Brow application

Shaping your eyebrows right is the most effective way to enhance your beauty. An Oakland University study that analyzed the opinions of a 1,000 participants concluded that men perceive women with fuller, thicker eyebrows as more attractive.


As a result, it’s no surprise that you want to groom your eyebrows for peak attractiveness. šŸ˜ Eyebrow waxing, eyebrow lamination, or henna brows are great options for improving your eyebrows. Let’s figure out which eyebrow treatment will get you showstopping results.


Eyebrow waxing in progress Eyebrow Waxing


If you already have full eyebrows, waxing eliminates excess hair around the edges. The wax applied around your eyebrows grips the hairs that you want removed. A quick 20 or 30-minute appointment is all that’s needed to get your brows ready for the red carpet. Your technician can offer advice and answer your questions to helps you achieve the best eyebrow waxing for your face. The results look good for at least two weeks and up to one month.


Does Eyebrow Waxing Hurt?


Discomfort, if any, will be minimal and brief. Mild skin irritation after waxing occasionally can occur but subsides in a few hours. You can handle it, tough gal! The primary benefitsĀ  of waxing your eyebrows are fast results, great eyebrow symmetry, and flattering brow shape.


Is Eyebrow Waxing Safe?


Waxing is safe for most people. However, it may not be suitable if you use acne medication or have a skin condition like eczema. If you use a keratolytic-based medication and want to try waxing, you need to stop applying the medication two or more days before the waxing.


Eyebrow Lamination


If your eyebrow hairs are thinning, patchy, or have areas that go the wrong direction, then try eyebrow lamination.


What Is Brow Lamination?


This beauty treatment is like a hair perm for your eyebrows. The process lifts up the eyebrow hairs and places them in an orderly arrangement. The effect will be eyebrows that look fuller and have a consistent direction. During a 40 to 60-minute appointment, the technician prepares your eyebrows with a cream that holds the hairs up from your skin. The hairs are then combed upward to build a fuller brow shape. A perm solution is applied to train the hairs into their new shape. The treatment is finished with a skin-nourishing oil around the brows.


How Long Does Eyebrow Lamination Last?


Lamination results will last for four to eight weeks. This treatment does not require needling or tints. It is non-invasive and should not produce any discomfort. If your skin is sensitive or allergic to perm chemicals or you have eczema or rosacea, maybe avoid lamination? Your skin may react negatively with a rash or redness.


Henna Brows

There’s a cure for your thin or graying eyebrows! It’s henna dye, and it brings eyebrows to life in a bold and eye-catching way that looks natural.


What Is Henna Brow?


For centuries, a temporary tattoo dye made from crushed henna leaves has been used for beauty purposes. The compounds in the henna leaf produce a naturally brown or reddish pigment that will stain, or temporarily tattoo, your skin. It is vegan and rarely irritates anyone’s skin. The color is subtle and clings to the skin and eyebrow hairs. Acting as background color, the henna makes brows look darker and complete. The procedure is non-invasive. The technician paints the dye directly onto your eyebrows. This will not cause any discomfort.


How Long Does Henna Brow Last?


The pigment fades gradually and can remain visible for as long as four weeks. Your existing eyebrow hairs become slightly darker around the follicles and blend in with the dyed skin beneath. The henna application lets you define the borders of your eyebrows better and fill gaps where hair is sparse. There are really no down sides to darkening your brows with henna.


Comparing Eyebrow Techniques

Rule of thumb to remember: Waxing is for hair removal. Lamination corrects hair trouble spots. Henna gives color and shape where eyebrow hair is lacking.


If you have no shortage of eyebrow hair, waxing lets you refine the edges of the brows. Because the removed hairs grow back, you can’t expect the effects to last more than a month.
Lamination is the choice when you have a moderate amount of eyebrow hair or you need to fix quirks in your brow hair growth. The results last longer than waxing and henna, but the appointment takes longer too. Lamination is only going to work for you if your skin tolerates the solutions needed to adjust the hairs.


Henna is worth a try if you have thin eyebrows or want to avoid lamination. The plant-based dye is gentle on the skin. Henna brows overcome the limitations of sparse eyebrows. You can expect it to last about a month.


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