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May 08, 2023

DIY Lash Kits are a No-No

DIY Lash Kit sold on Amazon

If you’re active on social media, then you have no doubt noticed the huge surge in at-home DIY lash kits blowing up your instagram feed lately. We’re going to look at the latest DIY lash kits, and examine the problems you’ll encounter by doing lashes yourself.  We’re writing this with firsthand experience of seeing the damage that DIY lash kits can do to your eyes, eyelids and natural lashes.  Buyer Beware!

Magnetic Eyelashes

Sample of a magnetic eyelash kit from Amazon Magnetic eyelashes are full strip lashes with an accompanying black, magnetic eyeliner that you apply above the lash line. At most, you’ll get one full day of wear with magnetic lashes. They are likely to slip off during a work meeting when you least expect no matter how many layers of magnetic eyeliner you used to stick them to your lid.

Plus, the magnetic eyeliner formula is NOT hypoallergenic, meaning there is a strong possibility that your natural eyelids will turn red after your first use. If not your first use, then after repeated use – you can almost guarantee that your eyelids will get irritated.

Also, it is difficult to remove the magnetic liner from your eyelids. It is meant to be waterproof, so any water-soluble cleanser you own will not work. You’ll have to use something much more oily, like baby oil or coconut oil. And you’ll have to rub it over and over again to get all the chunks of magnetic liner off. It’s just not pleasant.

Underlash Lash Clusters

In order to apply lash clusters under your natural lashes, you first have to coat your lashes in a glue. Then, you use Applying lash clusters under natural lashes a set of tweezers to apply the lash clusters underneath the lash line. Once they are loosely in place, you use a clamp-type tool to “fuse” the faux lash to your natural lash and hold for 6-10 seconds.

Again, you will NOT get longevity with underlash clusters. The adhesives sold with lash clusters are unreliable at best. Even if you use the clear “glass” coat that goes on top of your lashes after you’ve fused them, you’re still looking at a maximum of 3 days wear (provided you don’t wash or face or sleep on your side or belly and risk them sticking to your pillow case instead of your eyes).

Lash Clusters Further, you may only lose one or two clusters at a time, leaving unsightly gaps in between the lash clusters. Now, underlid lash clusters should, in theory, slide off easily with coconut oil. But, depending on how tightly you’ve “fused” the lash clusters to your eyelashes, you will yank natural lash hairs out. It’s painful, and frankly it’s sad. We ladies cannot afford to lose ANY lashes. Especially when our goal is to create VOLUME.

Dual Magnetic Set Lashes

Dual Magnetic lash sets with fuser With magnetic dual set lash kits, you receive two strip lashes per eye that are dotted with tiny magnets, no glue and no magnetic mascara. The goal is to clamp one strip above and the other strip below your natural lashes, sandwiching your lashes in between the strips.

In theory, these should be the easiest to use with little to no mess since you don’t need any adhesive or magnetic eyeliner. Instead, you use a strange contraption to lock the magnets from each lash strip, sandwiching your natural lashes between them.

The magnets from the top lash and bottom lash are supposed to stick together, forming a seal around your natural lashes. That said, we have yet to meet anyone who can apply magnetic dual set lashes close enough to the lash lid to look remotely natural.

Just check out this YouTuber’s fail with magnetic dual sets. (Skip to the 3-minute mark for a good laugh 😂😂😂) Further, you risk clamping the delicate skin of your eyelid in between the magnets which might not hurt right away, but after an hour or so your eyelids will be screaming at you to break free from the crimping magnets!

Single Lash Fans with Semi-Permanent Glue

Ok, so, these are ONLY for the truly ambitious DIY lash artists who think they have enough experience DIY Ardell Brand Lash Fans and a steady hand to apply their own lash fans. You can buy the lash fans, Ardell semi-permanent glue and Ardell glue remover for a total DIY kit from Sally Beauty Supply.

The problems: No matter how hard you try, you will NEVER be able to line up a lash fan per single eyelash. It just can’t happen. You simply do not have eyes in the back of your head.

Ardell Brand lash glue What you will end up with is globs of black glue that dry so hard and tight it feels like you have little beetles sitting on your eyelids.

When you fail to apply the lash fans in a succinct row (which we guarantee you can’t), your next battle will be with the glue remover. There are countless videos on YouTube that demonstrate how you simply “dip a q-tip into the remover, trace that along the glue line, wait for a full 60 seconds, and they will slide right off.” Right? WRONG. Dead WRONG.

You may get a few of the lash fans to slide off, but mostly you’ll wind up tugging at the stubborn fans to pry them loose. This will inevitably cause breakage of the lashes themselves. You’ll also cause tiny tears along the delicate skin of your eyelid, making it prone to infection and irritation.

Oh, and did we mention how badly the glue remover BURNS if it gets into your eyes??

Just Say No to DIY Lash Kits

Please, ladies, please DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME.

Sure, you might be looking to save a buck by doing your eyelashes at home, but the risks outweigh the cost savings: damaged lashes, irritated skin, burning, bloodshot eyes.

The next time you get the urge to try DIY lash kits from those oh-so-persuasive Instagram ads, think twice and call Heart of Texas Lashes instead.  We will come to the rescue and clean up the disaster you made by trying to apply lashes yourself.  Our lash artists are professionally trained and seasoned experts, just scroll through our Google Reviews to see what our clients think about our work!  For the most beautiful, long lasting lashes near you, schedule an appointment today!